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Hi, hello, hi! It is Friday and our [community profile] pacifi_cant party is starting NOW! And we're starting it here on DREAMWIDTH because LJ picked the most inconvenient possible time to break down. So, YAY DREAMWIDTH for WORKING! \o/

First! If you're playing in the Exchange, we invite you to start posting your fic and/or icon sets NOW! See the Posting Instructions for formatting info.

Second! There's LOTS of Meta available for claiming, if you're interested in writing up something for people to discuss. Grab a topic at this post, and please remember to post ON the approved day for your topic. YAY META!

Third! The MultiFandom chatroom will open in a few hours, say, at 5pm Central time! Unless y'all want me to open it sooner. If you do? COMMENT and we'll make it happen! \o/

And fourth, VERY SOON, the GAMES will begin! ♥
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Introducing...the Camera Phone Game, aka Show and Tell!

Do you have a trilby like Neal's? Or a stetson like Fraser's? Do you have a dog who looks like Satchmo or Dief? Do you have a pair of Uhura's awesome boots in your closet? Or a Star Trek pin? Show us! If you have any iconic prop or costume item from the fandoms on our list, get out your camera or phone and post the pic below!

(Tech basics: Upload your image to somewhere like photobucket, flickr, twitpic, etc. and then comment below using the img tag to show your picture. <img src="http://yourphoto'sURL"> If you click "More options", LJ will provide a comment preview button so you can make sure it looks right.)

Remember, our qualifying fandoms are: Castle, Due South, Leverage, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: XI, White Collar, and everything included under the C6D umbrella, meaning Hugh Dillon, Hard Core Logo, Slings & Arrows, Twitch City, Tales of the City, Wilby Wonderful, the Leoben end of BSG, Durham County, etc., etc., etc.

Are you ready? Come show us your stuff!
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This is a copy of the Meta Sign-Up Post on the LJ comm.  That we can only see if we're lucky.

CLAIMING IS STILL OPEN!!  If you want one of these topics to write something on, please comment below!!  (This is open to everyone, btw, not just people participating in the Exchange.)

We love talking about our fandoms.  We also love talking about why we love our fandoms and why we love Fandom.  That's why at every con you'll find discussion panels, and Pacificon 2010 is no exception!  Check out the schedule.

Here at [info]pacifi_cant , we can meta (yes, it's a verb now) with the best of them.  So we thought we might host some discussion panels of our own.  Here's how it works:

  • I will list the topics being discussed at Pacificon below.
  • You can claim one of the topics as your very own, and write a post about it.  The post can be as long or as short as you like.
  • You post your meta on the day it's being discussed at Pacificon, i.e., Saturday or Sunday.  NOT BEFORE!
  • People can drop into your post and chat away to their hearts content.

The Panel Topics


OTWhee! The resurgence of polyamory in fan fiction. - claimed by [personal profile] petra 
Blood, Magic, Aliens: Inside the Metaphorical Closet
The Art of the Con
I Hear Voices In My Head: How to Make a Mountie (or a Soldier, or an Air Force Pilot with the ATA Gene and a Thing for Brilliant Scientist Types) Think and Talk in Character
Hugh Dillon is Kittens
Leverage: Why I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Sorbet
TOS vs. Reboot


AUs and Crossovers - claimed by [info]kinetikatrue 
Fandom is Part of My Life, Too - claimed by [personal profile] [personal profile] mergatrude 
Can Fandoms Die?
Am I Crazy Or Did That Just Happen? Unreliable Narration
White Collar
due South: What's it got, ten years on?
Vidding for Beginners
Castle: I Don't Know Why I Love You, But I Do - Why Castle Is Winning Us Over  - claimed by [personal profile] helens78 

Points to Remember

  • This is YOUR meta, so write whatever you like on the topic.  Don't worry about what might be going on at Bitchin' Party.
  • DO NOT post your meta before the day it's being presented.  This is out of respect for the panel moderators.
  • Comment below to claim your topic.
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For those of you (and me) who can't see the LJ comm, here is a repost of the Ficlet & Icon Exchange Posting Instructions.


Posting starts now and ends at NOON on Sunday 11 April, CDT.

* If you're still writing or iconning, don't panic! There's still plenty of time before the deadline!
* If you are not able to meet the deadline, let [info]sageness or I know NOW so we can find a pinch hitter. This is an exchange and everyone must get their present!

Icon Makers! Please post (or link) your icon sets to [info]pacifi_cant using the following format:

subject line: [prompt #],[fandom] icons for [recipient] from [icon maker]
teasers: two or three samples
cut-tag text: description of icons

Please remember that Icon Recipients have dibs! They get to claim one or two icons for their exclusive use. Then, once the recipient has claimed the ones s/he wants, all other icons are shareable among everyone!

Writers! Please post (or link) your fic to [info]pacifi_cant using the following format:

subject line: [prompt #], [pairing] fic for [recipient] from [author]
header: fandom, pairing, length, rating, notes if applicable
cut-tag text: Title of story

at end: [insert whitespace/divider/etc.] for [recipient] and prompt.
So, for example:
Subject: Prompt #49, Fraser/Kowalski snippet for [info]china_shop from [info]sageness

Due South, FK, 375 words, NC-17, thanks to Mergatrude for insta-beta!

( Hot Sexin' in Our Totally Fictitious Example, Oh Yeah )



for China
Prompt: "Coffee, Frase. I need caffeine like you don't even know."

...okay? Okay! Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!
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Fandoms: Castle, Due South, Leverage, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: XI, White Collar, and everything included under the C6D umbrella.

That's a helluva lot of pretty, y'all.

Now, because this IS a multifandom party, consider this your challenge to show us what your fandoms have got.

Ready? Set? GO!
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You know the game: who do you marry, who do you shag, and who gets tossed off the cliff?

Pick 3 characters from our list of fandoms and tell us how you rate them. Do as many combos as you like!

(qualifying fandoms are: Castle, Due South, Leverage, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: XI, White Collar, and everything included under the C6D umbrella.)
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Fandom: due South
Summary: Are you going to invite me in?
Pairing: Fraser/Victoria
Length: 1100 words
Rating: All ages
Notes: Occurs after CotW.
Warning: Victoria.

A little this side of the snow )
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Fandom: due South
Summary: "Six lipsticks, an extremely pink push-up bra, a pair of 'police issue' fuzzy handcuffs...and a water pistol?"
Pairing: Frannie/Elaine
Length: 700 words
Rating: All ages
Notes: Thanks to Sage for beta reading.

High femme )
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So, Neal Caffrey walks into a bar. Or, James T. Kirk walks into a bar. Or Rick Castle. Or Parker. Or Diefenbaker...you get where I'm going with this. What happens next? Give us a drabble, a sketch, a limerick, a dirty joke, anything. Pick a character -- or three! or more! -- from the fandoms on our list and show us what kind of mess they get themselves into -- or out of!

(Note: PLEASE put fandom, pairing (if any), and rating info in the subject line!)
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The Midnight Flight of Birds
read here or on the AO3.
White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, ~4435 words, Adult. Notes: Pre-series. Thanks to Petra for beta and encouragement.

"Seriously?" El doesn't even try to suppress her laughter when he tells her about finally meeting him face to face.

The Midnight Flight of Birds )
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The response to the poll on the Fandom chat and viewing party was low enough that I figure we can play this by ear. So, I'm not going to worry about making a schedule. We can watch whatever people in the chatroom *want* to.

OTOH, IF there's interest in watching a particular thing at a given time? I am ALL OVER THAT. Comment with requests and I'll make it official. :D

Now, let's talk chatroom format. Does anyone have any preferences? I use AIM & Y!M through Trillian. I have Skype. And on occasion, I can make googlechat actually work. We've had the most luck getting Skype to work for the most people, but I'm easy. Tell me what works for you.

I'm willing to watch damn near anything. What about y'all?

The fandom list, again: castle, due south, leverage, star trek: tos, star trek xi, white collar, and c6d -- including but not limited to: hugh dillon's body of work, hard core logo, slings and arrows, wilby wonderful, twitch city, tales of the city, durham county, bsg (leoben eps), and MORE. *g*
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Fandom:  Slings and Arrows
Pairing: Geoffrey/Ellen
Length: 356 words
Rating:  fluff


Read more... )
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Title: It Came to Pass
Fandom: Due South
Rating: Tame
Author's Note: Thanks to Mergatrude for beta services. You are the best!

It Came to Pass )



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