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For those of you (and me) who can't see the LJ comm, here is a repost of the Ficlet & Icon Exchange Posting Instructions.


Posting starts now and ends at NOON on Sunday 11 April, CDT.

* If you're still writing or iconning, don't panic! There's still plenty of time before the deadline!
* If you are not able to meet the deadline, let [info]sageness or I know NOW so we can find a pinch hitter. This is an exchange and everyone must get their present!

Icon Makers! Please post (or link) your icon sets to [info]pacifi_cant using the following format:

subject line: [prompt #],[fandom] icons for [recipient] from [icon maker]
teasers: two or three samples
cut-tag text: description of icons

Please remember that Icon Recipients have dibs! They get to claim one or two icons for their exclusive use. Then, once the recipient has claimed the ones s/he wants, all other icons are shareable among everyone!

Writers! Please post (or link) your fic to [info]pacifi_cant using the following format:

subject line: [prompt #], [pairing] fic for [recipient] from [author]
header: fandom, pairing, length, rating, notes if applicable
cut-tag text: Title of story

at end: [insert whitespace/divider/etc.] for [recipient] and prompt.
So, for example:
Subject: Prompt #49, Fraser/Kowalski snippet for [info]china_shop from [info]sageness

Due South, FK, 375 words, NC-17, thanks to Mergatrude for insta-beta!

( Hot Sexin' in Our Totally Fictitious Example, Oh Yeah )



for China
Prompt: "Coffee, Frase. I need caffeine like you don't even know."

...okay? Okay! Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!



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