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Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Pairing: Kara/Leoben
Length: ~1000 words
Rating: R, I'd say
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] idreamedmusic and [profile] surya74 for encouraging an earlier version and for listening to my whining. And thanks to some nice peeps at [profile] denglish for help with the language. All remaining mistakes are mine.
Also, a big shout out to the mods for their efforts! \o/
Warnings: I don't think it causes more squick than canon, but it's slightly on the dark side (non-con/dub-con).

A Change Of Strategy )
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Fandom:  Slings and Arrows
Pairing: Geoffrey/Ellen
Length: 356 words
Rating:  fluff


Read more... )
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Title: It Came to Pass
Fandom: Due South
Rating: Tame
Author's Note: Thanks to Mergatrude for beta services. You are the best!

It Came to Pass )
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The Midnight Flight of Birds
read here or on the AO3.
White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, ~4435 words, Adult. Notes: Pre-series. Thanks to Petra for beta and encouragement.

"Seriously?" El doesn't even try to suppress her laughter when he tells her about finally meeting him face to face.

The Midnight Flight of Birds )
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White Collar & due South, Mozzie gen, 1540 words, G-rated. Many many thanks to Sage for beta reading, and mergatrude for her sparkly pink crayon (and to both of them for hosting this party! \o/).

Mozzie turned slowly. A bright red uniform with riding boots and a wide-brimmed hat sat down beside him, and the gray-haired guy inside it looked at him with interest.

Don't Kill the Messenger (he's already dead) )
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Fandom: due South
Summary: "Six lipsticks, an extremely pink push-up bra, a pair of 'police issue' fuzzy handcuffs...and a water pistol?"
Pairing: Frannie/Elaine
Length: 700 words
Rating: All ages
Notes: Thanks to Sage for beta reading.

High femme )
petra: Barbara Gordon smiling knowingly (Default)
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Fandom: due South
Summary: Are you going to invite me in?
Pairing: Fraser/Victoria
Length: 1100 words
Rating: All ages
Notes: Occurs after CotW.
Warning: Victoria.

A little this side of the snow )



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