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I shouldn't, by any means, be the only one to meta this topic, if there are others who would like to add their opinions, especially seeing as this will be relatively short.

I should begin with a disclaimer (or two):  I don't like Hard Core Logo.  The brilliance was apparently too much for me.  I netflixed it for CKR and ignored Dillon completely.  I also own a whole one Headstones CD.

Two things finally made me catch the Hugh flu, the first being the song "Cubically Contained."  Lyrically, it's of a much higher caliber than most other pop/rock/punk/whatever songs, IMO.  The second was Durham County.  Alas, I have only managed to catch the first season, as I don't own a television.  What strikes me about the show is it's brilliance.  It has all the elements of great television (excellent writing, excellent acting and what have you).  But I think what really sets it apart is it's unflinching, unapologetic examination of violence against women in society.  So Hugh Dillon has the brains to do such a show, and he doesn't have a problem taking orders from women, apparently, and he's older now (I have a thing for older men), suddenly he is surprisingly hot (I think it's the lack of hair, really), and he can pull off playing such an amazingly complex character, so I get intrigued.  So I do the research, and I discover that Hugh Dillon has consistently worked in Canada.  There is something terribly admirable and sexy about someone who doesn't forget where he came from.  That is not to say, of course, that the actors who work in both Canada and the U.S. aren't just as admirable.

That is truly it.  Hugh Dillon=kittens.

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Wait until you see Season Two of Durham County. Season Two is all about the violence that women do...
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