Mar. 29th, 2012

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We love talking about our fandoms. We also love talking about why we love our fandoms and why we love Fandom. That's why at every con you'll find discussion panels, and Pacificon 2012 is no exception! Check out the schedule.

Here at [ profile] pacifi_cant | [community profile] pacifi_cant , we can meta (yes, it's a verb now) with the best of them. So we thought we might host some discussion panels of our own.

Here's how it works:

• I will list the topics being discussed at Pacificon below.

• You can claim one of the topics as your very own, and write a post about it. The post can be as long or as short as you like.

• You post your meta on the day it's being discussed at Pacificon, i.e., Saturday or Sunday (Pacific time!). NOT BEFORE!

• People can drop into your post and chat away to their hearts content.

History of Us: The Evolution of Fandom
Sherlock Holmes (All)
If Loving You is Wrong, I don't Wanna Be Right
Star Trek (All)
Why AU?
Geeky Crafter
F.O.U.F. – Fic of Unusual Format

Writing What You Don't Know
Due South
Comics (Broad)
I Hear Voices in my Head
Kinky Bitches
Let us tell you a story – Podfic as collaboration
Sherlock (BBC)
Pimp my fandom

Points to Remember
• This is YOUR meta, so write whatever you like on the topic. Don't worry about what might be going on at Bitchin' Party.

• DO NOT post your meta before the day it's being presented. This is out of respect for the panel moderators.

• Comment below to claim your topic.
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Welcome to the Pacifi_cant Prompt Meme!! Please note, we're double-posting this to BOTH Pacifi_cant communities, so post prompts and fills at either or both pacifi_cant on LJ AND pacifi_cant on DW!!


1. One prompt per comment! If your prompt is filled, it will be in a reply TO your comment!

2. We love any and all fandoms, big or small, in any combination. BP is doing panels on Due South, Sherlock Homes (any), Sherlock BBC, Star Trek (any/all), Bandom, & Comics (any/all), but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Everything is welcome, from Yuletide-sized fandoms to the biggest of them all.

3. We love any and all characters, pairings, moresomes, etc., in any combination.

4. Prompts can be general or specific.

5. No bashing, please. This is an all-character, all-relationship, all-fandom love-zone -- which includes prompts and fills. Thanks!


1. To fill a prompt, post your work in a reply to the comment containing the prompt! (Be sure you aren't replying to the main post by mistake! If you mess up, just delete and start over.)

2. IN THE SUBJECT LINE, INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: "Fill", format/media (i.e. fic, art, vid, meta, etc.), fandom(s), character(s)/pairings, rating, and "See warnings", if appropriate. If you have warnings, please list them at the top of your fill. If you exceed the character limit, reply to your comment and continue.

3. ALL FORMATS OF FANWORK ARE WELCOME! You can reply to prompts with ANY type of fill: fic, art, vid, podfic, craft, poetry, performance, meta, manifesto (ship or otherwise), or whatever else you can imagine! Write a story, draw a picture, film yourself performing a missing scene, ANYTHING!

4. Multiple people can fill the same prompt. Play as many times as you like.

5. You may crosspost & announce your fill in other journals, archives, communities, etc. immediately on posting. Please do link to this post so others can play and comment on the works, too!

Again, this is a multimedia, pan-fandom, pan-everything party! All works are welcome, all fandoms, all characters, all pairings and moresomes, and so on! Okay? OKAY! Let's get this thing started!

Comment with prompts NOW, and as soon as you see a prompt you like, fill it! Play as often as you like, add as many prompts as you like, fill as many prompts as you like, and comment frequently to tell people how awesome they are! YAY!!!!!

Here we go! On your marks! Get set!! GO!!!

<3 <3 <3
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Want to watch something in a chatroom with other fen? You'll need Skype for the chatroom and an assortment of potential media. (We can help with some of that if needed.)

Please comment with suggestions for stuff to watch and where in the world you are. I'm on Chicago time/US Central, which is presently GMT -5, thanks to daylight savings.

If you know you're going to be free Friday night and all day Saturday (or until whenever everyone leaves), North America time, please say so! If you've got more limited availability and you really want to watch something with the group, let us know and we can try to schedule it!

ALL SHOWS, FILMS & FANDOMS ARE ELIGIBLE! The only question is whether people have the source -- so let's take the suggestions first and then figure out what people have/can get.

Yay viewing party!! \o/



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