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Prompt #1, TotC Brian/Mouse ficlet for [personal profile] petra from [personal profile] malnpudl

Title: Hot Summer Night
Fandom: Tales of the City
Pairing: Brian/Mouse
Rating: R
Word Count: ~700
Notes: I don't have to warn for recreational drug use in this fandom, do I? Thought not.

It's a summer night in San Francisco, and flickering tiki torches light the grounds of 28 Barbary Lane. )
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Prompt #5, RayV icons for [personal profile] love_jackianto from [personal profile] roadie

Photobucket Photobucket

RayV Icons )

Edit: #1 and #2 taken, feel free to take the others. :)

Prompt #27 for [personal profile] malnpudl from [personal profile] primroseburrows

Title: What Happens and Does Not Unhappen
Prompt: "The wolf said what, now?"
Fandom: due South
Summary: Ray's best birthday ever.
Pairing: F/K, AU, kidfic
Length: 970-ish
Rating: PG
Notes: Graceverse story. (other stories are here and here, until I find a permanent home for them. You don't have to read them to read this, though. It's enough to know that Grace is Fraser's daughter with Victoria, who died when Grace was a baby. I might actually write the whole thing someday, and these snippets might make their way into it). :)

What Happens and Does Not Unhappen )
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Prompt #19, due South, F/K for [personal profile] malnpudl from [personal profile] helens78

Title: Three Half-Used Candles, Six Matches, Pemmican, and Peanut Butter PowerBars
Author: Helens ([personal profile] helens78)
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~1900
Notes: This is me hoping there can never be too many Canadian shack first-time stories.

Summary: Fraser and Ray find themselves in a cabin with limited supplies and a need for shared body warmth.

At first, they've got too much to do to really notice the state of the shelter. )

For [personal profile] malnpudl's prompt of "Peanut butter and pemmican, please." ^_^ There was also a story scratching at my brain about what kinds of food Fraser asks for when he's sick, but that'll have to wait until next time. :D
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Prompt #11, Fraser/Vecchio fic for exbex from sam_gamgee

Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Vecchio
Length: ~1800 words
Rating: PG-13-ish? *very* light R?

Impossible Before Breakfast )
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Prompt #12, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth fic for grissecon from sam_gamgee

Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: Neal/Peter/Elizabeth
Length: ~2200
Rating: Oh, so definitely NC-17

Over the Line )
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If you RECEIVED icons, *please* make sure that your comment states which *one or two* icons you would like to claim to be yours-yours-yours and no one else's. Note: if you prefer to make them all shareable, that is also fine -- just indicate that in your comment.

If you MADE icons, *please* take a moment to edit your post indicating which icon(s) your recipient claimed allllllll for themselves, so it's clear which ones are shareable to all.


Prompt #33, Eastwick Darryl/Roxie fic for Mamaffy from akamine_chan

Title: Black Cat Romance
Author: [personal profile] akamine_chan
Fandom: Eastwick
Characters: Roxie/Darryl implied
Rating: a darkish PG
Warnings: um, none
Length: 533 words
Notes: Unbeta'd and over the deadline. Sorry about that. This wasn't really where I'd planned this story to go, but I hope you enjoy it anyway, dear Mamaffy. Title stolen from Voodoo, of course. *facepalm* Many thanks to [personal profile] spuffyduds; she knows why. ♥

Black Cat Romance )

for Mamaffy
Prompt: "You asked for it."

#7, White Collar icons for [personal profile] sage from [personal profile] kinetikatrue



7 assorted White Collar icons )

for [personal profile] sage from [personal profile] kinetikatrue - if you want text that didn't occur to me on any of these, just ask!

ETA: Entirely shareable, per [personal profile] sage!
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Look at all the PRETTIES!!! \o/

OMG you guys are AWESOME!! Thank you so much, everyone who participated in the Fic & Icon Exchange! I am so, incredibly thrilled with all of us!! \o/

Admin things:

#1. Please scroll down a few posts to see the note for Givers and Receivers of ICONS. We need to know which ones are shareable and which ones are for their recipients' exclusive use, so please take a second to update your comment/post(s) to clarify that.

#2. YES, you can ABSOLUTELY announce your fic & icons anywhere and everywhere you like! Please pimp this little party as much as you like!

#3. We're still open! There's meta coming -- and there are still loads of meta topics you can nab and post on. In-depth thinkiness is not actually required -- after all, "Hugh Dillon is KITTENS!" is one of the panel topics to choose from. So, yes, feel free to PLAY!

#4. We'll post a master list of Fic & Icon Sets to *both* the LJ & DW comms. Thanks again to everyone for bearing with the shift to Dreamwidth amid LJ's (intermittent/continuing for some of us) server failure. Um. Yay adventures in con-modding? /o\

Again, THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU for writing, iconning, commenting, and making the Fic & Icon Exchange a success! Please continue to share the love, read, grab icons, comment, squee! *twirls everybody*


#6, RayV gen for [personal profile] exeterlinden from [personal profile] kinetikatrue

due South, RayV gen, 252 words, PG
Notes: This is totally late, for which I apologize, but I just hadn't quite realized how difficult I was going to find writing RayV for the first time!

Untitled )

for [personal profile] exeterlinden, Ray Vecchio gen, "You wouldn't lie to your old man, would you?"
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pacificant fic & icon exchange INDEX!

Here is the master list for the FIC & ICON EXCHANGE! We have fic and icons in 12 FANDOMS: Battlestar Galactica, Due South, Eastwick, Hard Core Logo, Last Night, Slings and Arrows, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek XI, Tales of the City, Twitch City, White Collar, and Wilby Wonderful!

Please note: with icon sets, the recipient has the option to claim up to 2 for their exclusive use. Before you nab any icons, *please* make sure the ones you want to take are shareable. Thanks!

pacificant fic & icon exchange INDEX! )

Prompt #9 TOS, Kirk/Spock icons for red_eft from idreamedmusic

ETA: #1 and #7 have been claimed by red_eft. Feel free to snag the rest ;)