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Hellllooooooooo! Welcome to our little party!! Have yourself a seat on a comfy couch, have a glass of something delicious, pile your plate high with hors d'oeuvres, and get ready to be social!

I'm going to throw out some conversation starters. Grab a few or create your own, and in the comments below take a moment to introduce yourself and answer a question or tell us a story. Okay? Okay!

What's the story of your user name?
When's the last time you sang in the shower or bath?
What's the coolest place you've ever been?
Favorite fannish pairing/moresome
Favorite comic or cartoon characters
Favorite fandoms
Current fandoms
Favorite nostalgic fandoms from years and years ago
Set Batman up on a date. Who do you pair him with? What do they do?
Same thing, but replace Batman with a character in your fandom.
Who's your favorite detective?
Who's your favorite villain?
Who's your favorite complicated anti-hero?
Favorite mad scientist?
Favorite comic relief?
Have you ever climbed a mountain?
Have you ever scuba dived?
Have you hiked in a rain forest or a desert?
Have you ever been to Dragon Con, ComicsCon, or other huge fan cons?
Have you ever been to Bitchin Party/Pacificon or Muskrat Jamboree?
Have you been to Wiscon or Con.Txt?
What's the last book you read?
What's your seekrit awesome superpower?
What color bra/underwear/socks are you wearing?
Cuter: Baby Llama or Polar Bear?
Lemon shortbread or dark chocolate?
TV show you're most into right now.
Last really good movie you saw.
Last really good fic you read.
Last time you met up with fangirls/boys in RL.
Last fannish fest you played in (challenge, social, prompt meme, fandom appreciation, anything!).

And so on! Answer any or all, as you like, and please do come up with more and better!


(note: I am posting this onto BOTH communities, since some people are more comfortable on LJ and others are more comfortable on Dreamwidth. Play wherever you like best.)
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